Cubagua Island

Cubagua Island is located southwest of Margarita, about 10 miles west of Coche Island. It is a famous island, not populated today, well known by its richness in white and pink pearls, whose exploitation is not permitted nowadays. In 1541 a great earthquake destroyed Nueva Cádiz, the main town in the island, located on the east coast of it Part of the city sunk into the water and the ruins are there, together with the ruins of an ancient Indian town, that according to scientists is about 2.000 years old. On the northern tip of the island is a east-west oriented geological fault that shows an easily recognizable net displacement of about 70 meters, that geologists say took place during the last 10.000 years during various earthquakes that struck the island. You will be in from of a scientific paradise.

To get there you can take a boat at Punta de Piedras in Margarita, for a trip that takes less than two hours. Your carrier will provide you with utilities to fish and cook your food.